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Last Verse Introits

Entrance antiphons adapted as the final verse of familiar hymns.

The organ part contains all verses + introit. Choose the melody file that fits the length of your procession.  
e.g. V3 = introit as verse 3.  
All public domain and free to use/share.

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Ordinary Time

2 OT
Organ  V2  V3  V4  V5  Chords

3 OT

Organ  V2  V3  V4  V5  Chords

17 OT
Organ  V2  V3  V4  V5  Chords

28 OT  
Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords

29 OT  
Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords    

30 OT  
Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords

Organ  V2  V3  V5  V7  Chords

Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords

Organ  V2  V3  V4  V6  Chords

Christ the King
Organ  V2  V3  V4  V6  Chords


Advent 1 
Organ  V3  V5  V7  Chords  

Advent 2 
Organ  V3  V4  V6  Chords

Advent 3 
Organ  V2&3  V3&4  V5&6  Chords

Advent 4 
Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords

Alternate, All Advent 
Organ and V2


Christmas opt. 1(all Masses)
All Files

Christmas opt. 2 (all Masses) 
All Files

Holy Family
Organ  V2  V3  V5  Chords

Mary, Mother of God
Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords

All files

Baptism of the Lord
All Files


St Joseph, Mar 19
Organ  V2&3  V3&4  V5&6  Chords

Annunciation, Mar 25
Organ  V2  V3  V4  Chords

All Saints, Nov 1  
Organ  V2  V3  V4  V5

All Souls, Nov 2 (And Funerals)
Organ  V3  V4  V7

Lateran Basilica, Nov 9
Organ  V2  V3  V5  Chords  (See 17th Sunday in OT for Roman Gradual setting)

Immaculate Conception, Dec 8
Organ  V2&3  V3&4  V4&5  Chords 
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