Offertory Antiphon Hymns Project

Offertory Antiphons from the Graduale Romanum, adapted to familiar hymn tunes. 

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Text for All Hymns

Ash Wednesday:   Organ  Melody

1st Sunday of  Lent:   Organ  Melody

2nd Sunday of Lent:  Organ  Melody  Organ2  Melody2

3rd Sunday of Lent:   Organ  Melody

4th Sunday of Lent:   Organ  Melody  Organ2  Melody2   


After Gospel of Prodigal SonOrgan  Melody

5th Sunday of Lent:   Organ  Melody

Palm Sunday:  Organ  Melody


Easter Vigil:   Organ  Melody

Easter Sunday:  Organ  Melody

2nd Sunday of Easter:   Organ  Melody

Pentecost Day/Confirmation:  Organ  Melody


Saints and Solemnities


March 19, Saint Joseph:  Organ  Melody Text, see Lent

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