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Daily Mass Psalms
Free Responsorial Psalms for Weekdays and Memorials

Settings are based on Gregorian and Meinrad psalm tones for Modes I,V, or VIII. Click here to reference Lectionary texts for the day. Search below by Psalm number and first words. I'm setting them in order of the current calendar, so it should be up to date (summer 2024).  Email to request a specific one. I will add as I go!

If you think one is missing, first check Sunday psalm collections, as occasionally the daily psalms match a Sunday setting.

Deut 32 It is I who deal death

Deut 32 It is I who deal (dif. verses)

Deut 32 You have forgotten God

Ez 36 (+Ps 51) I will pour clean water

Isaiah 12 You have turned

Isaiah 38 You saved my life

Jer 31 The Lord will guard us

Psalm 10 Do not forget the poor

Psalm 19 The Judgments of the Lord

Psalm 48 God upholds his city

Psalm 50 To the upright I will show

Psalm 51 Create a clean heart

Psalm 51 My mouth will declare 

Psalm 59 God is my refuge

Psalm 69 Lord in your great love

Psalm 69 Lord in your great love (dif vss)

Psalm 71 I will sing of your salvation

Psalm 79 For the glory of your name

Psalm 80 Let us see your face, Lord

Psalm 84 How lovely is your dwelling

Psalm 85 The Lord Speaks of Peace

Psalm 85 Lord, show us your mercy

Psalm 93 The Lord is King

Psalm 94 The Lord will not abandon

Psalm 96 Proclaim God's marvelous deeds

Psalm 96 The Lord Comes to judge

Psalm 102 From heaven the Lord looks

Psalm 105 Seek always the face

Psalm 107 Give thanks to the Lord

Psalm 112 Blessed the man

Psalm 113 Blessed be the name

Psalm 113 The glory of the Lord

Psalm 115 The house of Israel

Psalm 119 How sweet to my taste

Psalm 119 Lord teach me

Psalm 119 One does not live

Psalm 126 Those who sow in tears

Psalm 145 The hand of the Lord

Psalm 145 The Lord is gracious

Psalm 145 Your friends make known

Psalm 146 Blessed is he whose help

Psalm 148 Heaven and earth are full


​Done through August 26, 2024



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