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Simplified Latin Propers

Easier settings of the Latin chants from the Graduale Romanum. 
Each adaptation preserves the general contour & character of the original chant.

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(The original chants are at the bottom of this page)

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: Benedicam Dominum

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: Sicut in holocausto

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: Populum humilem

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: Ad te Domine

Communion: See 3rd Sunday of Lent

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: See 3rd Sunday of Lent, Iustitiae Domini

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: See Ash Wed, Exaltabo te

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory C: Sanctificavit

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: In te speravi


20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: Immittet angelus Domini

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Offertory: Exspectans

Ash Wednesday (click here)

Lent 1
Introit: Invocabit me

Offertory: Scapulis suis

Communion: Scapulis suis

Lent 2

Introit: Tibi dixit cor meum

Offertory: Meditabor

Communion: Visionem

Lent 3

Introit:  Oculi mei

Offertory:  Iustitiae Domini

Communion: Passer invenit  Alt. Clef

Communion: Qui biberit 

Lent 4

Introit: Laetare Jerusalem

Offertory:  Laudate Dominum

Offertory:  Illumina oculus meos

Communion:  Jerusalem, quae

Lent 5

Introit: Judica me, Deus

Offertory:  Confitebor tibi, Domine

Communion: Qui mihi ministrat

Palm Sunday

Offertory: Improperium

Communion: Pater, si non potest

Holy Thursday

Introit: Nos autem

Communion: Hoc corpus

Easter Vigil

Offertory: Dextera Domini

Easter Sunday

Introit: Resurrexi

Offertory: Terra tremuit

Communion: Pascha nostrum

Easter 2

Introit: Quasi modo

Offertory: Angelus Domini

Communion: Mitte Manum

Easter 3

Introit: Iubilate Deo

Offertory: Lauda anima

Communion A: Surrexit Dominus

Communion B: Cantate Domino

Communion C: Simon Ioannis

Easter 4

Introit: Misericordia

Offertory: Deus, Deus

Communion: Ego Sum

Easter 5

Introit: Cantate Domino

Offertory:  Iubilate Deo

Communion A: Tanto tempore

Communion B&C: Ego sum

Easter 6

Introit: Vocem iucunditatis

Offertory: Benedicite gentes

Communion A: Non vos relinquam

Communion B: Ego vos 


Introit: Viri Galilaei

Offertory: Ascendit Deus

Communion A: Data est mihi

Communion C: Psallite

Easter 7

Introit: Exaudi

Offertory: Ascendit Deus

Communion: Pater Cum Essem

Pentecost Vigil

Introit:  See Trinity Sunday for Year C



Pentecost Sunday

Introit: Spiritus Domini

Offertory:  Confirma

Communion: Factus est repente

Trinity Sunday

Introit C:  Caritas Dei

Offertory: Benedictus sit

Communion A & C: Benedicimus Deum

Corpus Christi

Introit: Cibavit eos

Offertory: Portas Caeli

Communion A & B: Qui manducat

Communion C: Hoc corpus

Proper of Saints

St. Joseph March 19

Introit: Iustus ut palma

Offertory: Veritas mea

Communion: Ioseph fili David

Annunciation March 25

Introit: Rorate Caeli

Offertory: Ave Maria

Communion: Ecce Virgo

Assumption August 15
Offertory: Assumpta est Maria

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