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Custom-Made Pew Supplements

Updated: Jun 17

I'll get straight to the point. Antiphonrenewal can create a high-quality custom hymnal supplement for your parish containing whatever you need. I want to help parishes move toward traditional Catholic music, chant, and propers. Many musicians who endeavor to take this courageous step are faced with complaints about removing popular songs from the repertoire. Frequently, I will hear of people asking how to handle the politics of a transition to, say, Source & Summit or a Catholic Book of Hymns. One idea is to combine this step forward with a good-faith gesture to retain what is valuable in the resources you are leaving behind. A small booklet containing such songs can help. I have done this multiple times with great results. Or maybe you want to do this in reverse - keep your big publisher missalette and add a custom supplement rich with gregorian chants and traditional hymns. Here's how it works: 1. Tell me what songs you want in it. 2. I'll create the booklet and custom cover, for a fee (extra fee for a professional cover) 3. I'll send you the source files and walk you through self-publishing it. 4. You buy the supplement at cost from the self-publishing website. 5. Use your Onelicense to report usage as needed. This is legal because I don't make a profit on the book. I charge only for the service of creating it for you. You can't sell the book, but can use it for your own parish, using the appropriate license. These books hold up nicely as either softbound, spiralbound, hardbound, or even stapled pamphlet. Below are two images of one I made for my parish with a professionally designed cover using our logo. It contains both modern and public domain hymns. If this is helpful, send me a message on facebook or email Price dependent on number of pages.

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