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Complete Collections of Proper Antiphons

Updated: Jul 10

Below is a comprehensive list of antiphons recommended by Antiphon Renewal.

"What must be sung is the Mass, its Ordinary and Proper, not “something”, no matter how consistent, that is imposed on the Mass. Because the liturgical service is one, it has only one countenance, one motif, one voice, the voice of the Church. To continue to replace the texts of the Mass being celebrated with motets that are reverent and devout, yet out of keeping with the Mass of the day amounts to continuing an unacceptable ambiguity: it is to cheat the people. Liturgical song involves not mere melody, but words, text, thought and the sentiments that the poetry and music contain. Thus texts must be those of the Mass, not others, and singing means singing the Mass not just singing during Mass." Consilium that created the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

Free Antiphon Resources

Graduale Romanum, modern notation
Graduale Romanum, neumes on 5 line staff

Antiphonrenewal (Antiphon Hymns)

Graduale Parvum (Graduale Simplex texts, new musical settings)

Antífonas de Entrada (Spanish hymns)
Long Beach Chant (recordings and pdfs of various sources)
St Francis Gradual (Psalm tones, based on Anglican Use Gradual)
Archdiocese of Detroit Antiphon Project here (especially the settings by Prowse. Also contains weekday responsorial psalms.)

Weekday Propers

Published (not free) Antiphon Resources

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