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Ways to use Antiphon Hymns for Advent

Advent, as the start of a new liturgical year, is a great place to start using antiphons at Mass. I always recommend introducing them seasonally, since people know it only lasts 4 weeks and are more willing to try something different. At there are many options for entrance antiphon hymns for Advent. For example, a user recently asked if I could set the antiphons as verse 2 of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I was happy to oblige. See the 5 page document here. If any of you need special treatment for antiphons like this, or a new tune, don't hesitate to ask.
Additionally, for those with a modern Praise Team style, use these antiphon verses with the familiar "Ready the Way."

There are many ways to use Antiphon Hymns. Here are some ideas:
1. Sing the antiphon hymn a capella as the intro to the hymn with the same tune
2. Sing the antiphon as the final verse of the familiar hymn, as I showed above.
3. Sing the antiphon as verse one and include the familiar hymn as verses 2-3
4. Sing it as we provide, with Antiphon, Vs, Doxology!
5. One user chants the antiphon, then invites the assembly to sing the antiphon hymn.
6. Sing the antiphon hymn once through and ask the people to repeat it.
7. Don't forget I have provided "text only" documents for tunes that are so familiar you don't need music. Just print the text (or image) in the bulletin.

Email me at if you want help setting these. But also remember, if you use Musescore, the original organ source files are in this folder
The images for worship aids are in this one.

As the liturgical reformers wrote: ""What must be sung is the Mass, its Ordinary and Proper, not “something”, no matter how consistent, that is imposed on the Mass. Because the liturgical service is one, it has only one countenance, one motif, one voice, the voice of the Church. To continue to replace the texts of the Mass ... is to cheat the people...texts must be those of the Mass, not others, and singing means singing the Mass not just singing during Mass."

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